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Designed for Salon and Spa owners to help Operate and GROW your business.
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Appointment Management

DocEngage allows managing appointment booking for multiple doctors & Clinics in minutes without training. The User friendly interface allows easy handling and working.

Reminders/Email/SMS summary with all appointments can be easily sent and accessed.

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Pre and Post Treatment Communication

Communication is the main key for connecting with the patient at any time during and after the treatment. DocEngage enables hospitals to communicate with patients through the patient portal as well as through email / SMS. Communicating with patients creates loyalty and improves experience and after visit care.

Referral Network

The feature provides full CRM lifecycle management of the referral network of doctors. Manage lists of prospects, communicate with referral network, track and update status. It enables keeping track of referrals, status of doctor engagement and empowers marketing with data and analytics to maximize the referrals from the network.

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Leads to Sales

Following the successful awareness on your prospects mind about the services/product,its important to convert the leads into sales. Speed is the single most critical component here.

DocEngage gives means to receive and react to leads in real-time and get the best contact advantage with prospects.

Doctor's Information

A platform that makes available the complete information related to the doctor, his appointments, availability, speciality and the profile. The Information can be used for better patient management.

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Facility Management

60-70% of the costs in clinics/hospitals are related to the non-core processes falling under Facility Management contributing to patient's path through the facility. Coordinating assets and services, DocEngage proactively meets all the requirements by:

  • Clear, transparent communication between demand and supply.
  • Integration and coordination of all required support services.
  • Transparent knowledge and information on service levels and costs
    that can be communicated to the end users.