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Loyality and ClubCards

Streamline your patient visits with automatic appointment reminders, custom calendar views and one-click scheduling customizable for solo practitioners and large group practices alike.

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Patient Referral

With easy-to-use buttons in the follow-up care emails, your patients can easily refer their friends with catchy emails and links to social media websites.

Patient Follow-Up

A good care is the care that reaches its patient days after the treatment needs. DocEngage gives the platform to be in touch with the patients and monitor the health status. It reinforces knowledge and action plans that are important in the care delivery process and routine healthcare.


Patient Feedback

DocEngage helps you capture patient feedback to drive change across the services/products. Using feedback as the best engagement tool, DocEngage improves Patients experience and outcomes highlighting areas for change that can have direct productivity or cost improvement impact is less well understood.

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Patient Retention

Asking patients about the service they received in your care is key to keeping them happy. DocEngage gives the benefit of following up on any potential hot-button issues allowing you to prove that their experience matters the most.

Patient Reactive

When you consistently reach out to patients to remind them to schedule a visit, it keeps them coming back especially if they haven't been in the practice in a while.